The dispute is for real. Pellet Grill or Smoker? Let us learn some more about these grills so you can be impressed either way. Sometimes it all rests on your style of barbequing and what seasonings and flavors you like. Whether you need a grill for the next grad party or family get-together, let one of our grill department pros at Crafty Beaver in Chicago and Skokie, IL advise and direct you in the right direction.

Let’s Compare The Two

Let’s begin with a pellet grill. A pellet grill is made to use wood pellets. These wood pellets come in various kinds of woods, and flavors like pecan, hickory, cherry, apple, maple and more. Some people like to mix the pellets for a rare flavor or to start new family recipe secrets. Pellet grills have a subtler smoke flavor that keeps you from over smoking your food. They are easy to use; you just add the wood pellets and set the temperature to focus on the meaningful things; like your visitors or family. They have a dependable temperature and can even automatically add the pellets for you when needed. Some newer ones even have WIFI capabilities to connect to an app on your phone. They are equal to other grills, but can those other grills smoke, grill, roast, bake, and braise this easily?

Let’s press on to the smoker grill. The leading reason anybody buys a smoker is to smoke your food! You’re expressly looking for smoke flavor in your meat and vegetables and for it to be tender and BBQ’d unhurried to perfect quality. Some BBQ grillers can put meat in and go to bed and not worry about looking at it until morning. This is pretty inconceivable with a regular gas grill or charcoal grill for some obvious reasons.

Smokers can be gas, charcoal, electric or wood fueled. Some electric smokers also have WIFI capabilities. Charcoal smoker grills produce the smokiest flavors, even adding wood chunks to the charcoal can add some additional flavor. Most smokers have the same functions and design.

Some have a water basin and wood chip basin placed at the bottom of the smoker. And then either water or sand can be placed in the water basin. The wood provides the smoky flavor while the water or sand helps provide a steady heat. Some smoker grills are designed to smoke meat in a long chamber, placed alongside the heat source rather than directly above it.

Don’t forget to remember to use a BBQ thermometer, some grill Pros say to use 2 thermometers so you can watch it like an oven, and to help you test the temperature of the meat before consuming it, since smoking meat sometimes makes it difficult to detect if it’s done or not. Smoking takes time to get to grilling success; let the smoker grill be your tool and have some patience during the whole process and get BBQin’.

Wood Pellet or Smoker Style? They each have their own pros and cons to make them stand out. What grill do you choose?

Might be time to choose. So now you can purchase and start grilling for the warm days. Crafty Beaver wants to aid and help you purchase just the right grill and accessories to match. From tongs, and grill brushes, to spatulas, to grill grates and replacement parts, we have what you require to start your next event. Don’t forget to purchase a grill cover with your new grill to prolong the life of it. It will keep the water or moisture from getting in and rusting anything out. Our services and personal experience beats out any competitor in the area. Compare and save. If we do not carry the kind you want in-store, we have fast FREE Ship-To-Store direct from our warehouse.