Accurate Paint Color Matching Service

When you need to paint a room, it’s always exciting. Everything is going to appear brand new and look clean when the job is completed. You invest time looking around and examining your options, and you at long last choose the best color. Whether it’s a shade of green on a new throw pillow, a mellow blue from a pair of curtains, or simply a color that you “don’t know specifically what it’s called but it’s on page five of this magazine,” don’t sweat it.

Paint color matching

Here at Crafty Beaver we’ve been assisting people with their paint color matches for as long as anyone can remember. And with the inclusion of technology into the mix, we’ve gotten even better. This allows us to create the most exact color match you’ll get in Chicago and Skokie.

We’ll kick things off by working with you to figure out the type of paint you’re looking for. After all, different sheens show the same color formula slightly differently. We’ll follow this up by running through the procedure of matching the colors with our computer. This will let us get a small test sample that we can calibrate to your perfect color match as needed. After all, occasionally you need a little manual manipulation to get it just right.

Paint color matching

And the outstanding part is all of this is included in your purchase of paint from us. We supply a huge collection of paint brands in all the finishes. We also carry a good deal of paint supplies that you can purchase to make the job go smoothly.

So bring in your pillow, picture, curtain, or anything else you need color matched and we’ll get you on the road to your new paint job ASAP. Learn for yourself why all your friends and family in Chicago and Skokie drive to us for all their paint and paint matching needs.