Propane Exchange and Tanks in Chicago and Skokie, IL

Nothing is quite like the flavor of grilled food to just make your taste buds jump into overdrive. If you’ve gone out to your deck and are geared up to barbeque… but you see that there is ZERO propane for your grill, what do you do?


propane tank exchangeIf you need a new 20 pound tank, run in our store and buy one! Supposing that you already have a 20# tank for grilling and have the require an exchange, you are in luck! A part of our services at Crafty Beaver is propane exchange.\

Switching out your tank can be fast and clear-cut. Make sure the gas is turned off at the grill and remove the gas line from your present propane hook up. Transport your old tank to the local store, you should make sure to leave it in the car, and then walk in and a store employee will go along with you to our replacement facility, where you can get the tank switched out for a new one. You are all done!

Also, if you are in need of a new grill or any parts for fixing the grill, we have lots of options to help you in that department. We are excited to make your grilling season the best it can possibly be!

Keep a heads up for deals, sale coupons and offers for our propane services throughout the grilling season.